Friday, February 15, 2013

Your Name is On It: Teaching Students about Digital Footprints

At PETE&C this week I had a conversation with Ross Cooper and Christopher Tully about being careful about the content you publish that is attached to your name. That conversation got me thinking about the importance of teaching students that whatever they publish is shaping their digital identity. In the social media-driven world we live in, our students are so excited to share, which is a wonderful thing that shouldn't be squashed by making them fearful of publishing online. However, it is important for them to think about what they share because it all traces back to them. It is a powerful (and continual) conversation for teachers to have with their students instead of assuming they know. If our students don't control the content they put their name on, ultimately someone else will. The most important part of teaching about online reputations is teachers being models for their students through how they conduct themselves online. I believe this principle also extends beyond the digital world. That means reminding students that any assignments they turn in are a reflection on them and it is their responsibility to make sure all their work represents who they are. 

Here are some resources to get you started understanding and teaching digital identity:

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