Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Scvngr Hunt

My final project for my Emerging Technology and Global Collaboration class was to use the mobile app Scvngr to create treks about locations around West Chester University. Our group presented our Scvngr to a class of graduate students and took them through a series of challenges.

What is Scvngr? Scvngr is an electronic scavenger hunt. You choose from different location-based treks, which are a series of challenges that you perform. By completing these challenges, you can earn points and rewards. The app can be downloaded and played on any iPhone or Android phone. Scvngr is easy to build and fun to play!

How can Scvngr be used in the classroom?
  • Create fun challenges for parents around the school to make them more familiar with the building.
  • Have a trek for students to complete on the first day of school as an ice breaker.
  • Make field trips more fun by having students complete challenges in a new town.
  • Have students research historical cities and towns and create their own challenges.

This video shows all the fun we had!


  1. I am glad to see a person actually did this. I am a veteran teacher who is beginning to plan my activities for next year. I'd like to know a bit more detail about how you used SCVNGR Hunt in this activity. I am looking forward to incorporating Augmented Reality games in my classroom next school. What were some of the challenges and rewards? What were the learning objectives for this activity? Thanks

  2. The challenges can be dealing with difficulties with the website and the mobile app when the Internet is down or spotty. The mobile app can be a little tricky in the beginning so I would recommend a test run. The goal of this activity was to introduce pre-service and in-service teachers to a new tool and allowing them to experience it firsthand. We introduced it to them and then took them out to complete some challenges. Afterwards, we talked about how they can incorporate it in the classroom.