Thursday, April 28, 2011

The New Facebook Messages

This week I started using the new Facebook message. This new messaging system keeps all your online chats and messages between you and a friend in one long chain as opposed to separate messages. The new Facebook message also allows you to create your own Facebook e-mail address where messages get uploaded to your inbox. The new messages also has a "Send to Phone" option that lets you send and receive messages from your cell phone.

My first impression? I think it's a huge improvement to the old messaging system. While I don't think I'll use the "Send to Phone" feature or set up a Facebook e-mail address, I think they're pretty good features for those that want to keep all their online communication in one place. What do I like most about this new system? That all of my messages and online chats between myself and a friend stay in one place so I don't have to track through tons of messages if I want to read a message again. Sometimes messages get buried and it's a hassle sorting through all my messages to find what I'm looking for. I also like this feature because the timeline tells its own kind of story; whether it's the story of a friendship, a partnership, a collaboration, etc. All of this, to me, makes social media a little more meaningful.

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