Thursday, September 29, 2011

Photo Story 3 for Windows

I recently discovered Photo Story 3 for Windows. Photo Story 3 is a desktop application that allows you to create stories with your digital photos.

In Photo Story you can:
  • Import, edit and arrange photos
  • Add text to your photos
  • Time photos and add transitions
  • Narrate your slideshow
  • Add music from your computer or create your own

Photo Story 3 in the Classroom: Photo Story 3 is a quality tool for digital storytelling. Creative students will love being able to edit photos and create their own music. Narrating a story will give younger students and ELL students practice speaking. Tools like this are great for teaching students about constructing stories that have a beginning, a middle and a end. Teachers can create a story and use it to facilitate discussion or have students create their own individually or collaboratively.  

Here is a sample story I made:


  1. I really enjoyed the video. Your presentation in class got me think about ways I can use photo shop 3 in the classroom. Instead of have the students write an essay where they tell their own version of something like the story of Romulus and Remus, I will have them create a DS. I have not got all the details ironed out yet. This has been a big help. Thank you

  2. I'm glad that you found Photo Story useful. You could have students create stories from different points of view and then have them compare how the stories are similar or different. Play around with it and hopefully more ideas with come to you.

  3. I am also really glad you showed this too us, because for the duration of our class I have been using a Mac with iMovie to create and understand digital stories. My school primarily works with PCs and not Macs, so it is nice to see how we can create digital stories on a PC. In the past I used Windows Movie Maker for a project in college, but I really enjoy the features of Photostory and I think it has a simple interface that students can adjust to quickly and show off their true creativity.

  4. Thanks for the great tip! I absolutely love windows photo story 3 - it is by far the best program for making slideshows with photos and images. I'm so glad it works on Windows 7, because I really don't know another program which is so easy to use and produces such great results.