Thursday, December 8, 2011

Green Screen Fun

Last night, my Digital Media Production and Storytelling class learned how to green screen. Before class, we all thought that green screening was really difficult but we learned that it was really easy to do. We spent an evening in the studio with our props filming our scenes on our iPads. We used iMovie to create the green screen videos. Our class had so much fun: the studio was full of laughter, everyone stepped in to help each other and there was active participation, a great snapshot of what learning should be. In the end, we all created videos that we were excited to share with each other.

Green Screen in the Classroom: Students will love creating commercials, videos, newscasts and digital stories using green screens. Green screening projects can be used in a variety of content areas. A green screen is easy to create using a blank sheet or painted wall. Students can choose t  backgrounds or film them. More ideas of using green screens in education can be found here.

Here is the final product for your viewing enjoyment:


  1. Priscilla, Always fun to watch what you come up with for class. I also wanted to thank you for the post about the microphone. I added it to my Xmas wish list and will get it for myself if Santa doesn't come through.

    Thanks again

  2. It is really amazing what Green Screen can do! Green screen is indeed a lot of fun, and if done properly, it looks great and can make your videos really stand out from the crowd. Green screen is one of the main reason why movies today are way better compare in the past.