Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dig In & Get Your Hands Dirty: My First Day of Student Teaching

Today was my first day of student teaching in a third grade class. When I woke up this morning, I expected to feel really nervous but I felt really calm. When I pulled up to the front of the building, I felt that like I had always been there. I lucked out that two colleagues in my seminar are also student teaching at the same school so it was nice to see familiar faces when I walked into the building. The school staff was so welcoming and they were so excited to chat with me and give me advice. I didn't expect the students to be so excited to see me! I have never heard my name said so many times in one day. They were so eager to show me their drawings or the books they were reading. It was hard to feel nervous when the students were so welcoming. As I saw the kids off at the end of the day, the kids were so excited to have me come back tomorrow. Today was not about simply observing; I quickly dove in and got my hands dirty. I passed out papers, graded quizzes, decorated the classroom and conducted the student's time tests. I even attended a third grade staff meeting which opened my eyes to the realities of teachers trying to teach and serve their students in an age of high-stakes testing. I am amazed that I learned so much on just my first day and how natural it felt to jump in and get started.

Looking forward to new adventures tomorrow!

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